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Light and Motion Urban 500

This is my favourite light. I have this one, a moon gem for being seen, and a serfas true 500+. This light has the best balance of beam, mounting design, and weight.

The beam is strong, with a light concentration in the centre, but still a good spread on the sides. But as a commuter often it is what is right in front of you that is important. Even on the lowest setting the beam is adequate, the highest setting it is superb. The side lights help with visibility but also light up the handlebars nicely, giving that retro “1970’s car dash” feel to your setup, though they are not so pleasant when flashing, but I only use the flashing mode during the day anyway.

The mounting is solid and simple. A strap that has a few hooks on it, no complicated latches or levers and holds on very well. And it can easily be dipped, raised, and panned without much effort. It can be put on pretty tight so it doesn’t move on rough surfaces in the dry. 10/10 for that.

The weight is very good, much lighter than the Serfas 500+, mainly due to it’s compact design and good choice of materials.

So that’s the good done. Now the not so good.

This light is no good in the wet, which is a disappointment for a company that has it’s roots in the underwater realm. Water can get into the housing and once it does it wreaks havoc. The light does not turn off and does not charge. I have to leave it sitting inside a container of dry calcium hydroxide (separated, of course) for a couple of weeks to absorb all the moisture and then it works again, hence the reason I have two lights with the same specifications.

It’s ironic because the time you need good lighting the most is in the wet, especially at night, and it’s a shame that there are literally no manufacturers who provide IPX rated lighting at this price point or compact design. And it couldn’t be that hard really, a few o-rings or sealant would do the trick, the problem is that I don’t know how the water is getting in nor how to disassemble the light to fix it.

Also, despite the light only lasting a few hours (ie. 4-6 steady running time) before going flat, it will stay on for about 12-20 hours steady when the water gets into it.

And the other point, although 5 hours is reported on the website, charging time is really closer to 8 hours.

All in all it would be a perfect light if it were only built to tolerate some moisture.